Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Backyard Project

We were at a graduation reception this weekend, and the owner of the house had this great fence set up. Mike and I were in heaven because we could let Landon run and play with the other kids and not have to worry about him going out in the street or disappearing. So we came home that afternoon and measured our backyard for a new fence.

This is our current backyard. We have a neighbor that drives just a little too fast down the alley and Landon doesn't really like to stay in our yard. I am so excited to get this fence put up. It's going to make going outside a lot easier.

So I used the Digger's Hotline website and put in a request to have them mark all the important things in our yard. So far so good.

Today, the internet guy came and made a few marks in our yard. Nothing that is going to be in the way, but a strange pattern for the telephone wires.

So hopefully, Mike will be home next week and we can get the fence up in time for the summer.

Speaking of summer, I put Landon's swing set on layaway yesterday. He will love it!


My flowers are starting to bloom. I think my garden will look pretty good this year. I hope they all bloom about mid-summer and at the same time. Then I can see if my colors go together. Most of the flowers came from other people, so I'm not really sure what colors I have planted.

Our other project is a burm. ( I think that's the right word.) It's really just a mound of dirt. It's going to go in the back of the yard around the trees and replace the rosebushes that were over grown and growing all crazy and out of the control.

Mike has already started the process. I think we need to put up the fence first. The back of the fence will run along with back of the mound of dirt. ( We are going to put wood chips on top of the dirt. To make it look a little nicer. ) Then we can get rid of the white trash dog pen and give Lucy a little more room to run.

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