Friday, June 02, 2006

Mr. Mom

My husband said something funny the other day. Let me start at the beginning...

We had people staying at our house this past weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday cleaning and picking up the house. Then Saturday, Sunday and Monday night I had to work. So Mike was pretty much running the house.

Tuesday night, after we were cleaning up supper, he gets really serious. "It's hard to keep the house clean with so many people in it. I mean, I've been trying to pick everything up each night and keep it clean, but I was walking through the house today, and I thought 'This place looks like crap.' "

I wanted to laugh out loud and scream, "SEE, SEE what I do EVERYDAY!!" But instead I just said, "Welcome to my world."

It's always nice to be around for those lightbulb moments.

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