Monday, May 08, 2006

Ready, Set, Go!

Friday I subbed for 1st grade in the morning and HS PE in the afternoon. So I woke up early, got dressed and then woke up the sleeping boy. He got dressed and ready to go and I loaded him in the car. I backed out of the driveway and as I was putting the car from reverse into drive I heard him talking in the backseat, "Ready, Set, GO!" (It sounds more like, "Ree, Sea, DO!" but a mother can understand her child better than other people. Which is good for the times when he screams, "Ho Pap."; Holy Crap in public.) I had to laugh. I guess he was a little more ready to start the day than I was.

The school had a program for the children in the morning. So I got to ride the big yellow bus. It's been about 8 years since I've been on a bus and I now remember why I haven't been too excited to get back on. The program was good. A fitness show with lots of cool toys. The kids were all ooohhhing and aaahhhing.

I spent Saturday at an auction. Of course I didn't buy anything, but it's always fun to look at all the junk, uhh, treasures that people collect over the years.

Sunday afternoon, I was sleeping on the couch when my phone rang. It was my mother so I ignored the call and put the phone on silent. Not two minutes later, she called again. This time she left a message. When I listened to the message, she sounded urgent so I called her back. Turns out, the police were looking for Mike. He stole gas from a gas station in town. Of course, this couldn't be right. After I talked to Mike, I got the whole story. Turns out he stopped for gas and pressed "Pay Inside." He went in, got some food and paid for it. He told the cashier that he had fuel on pump number #2. Well, she forgot to ring it up. Instead of calling her manager, she called the police and told them that Mike filled up and drove off. WOW!
After a day of phone calls and worries, everything worked out. The manager came in and cleared up the problem. She told the police she didn't want to press charges. Mike got a $5 gas card and a free large pizza and order of breadsticks. Everything was fine... well for us. The cashier might be in a little bit of trouble. She made her first mistake by not ringing up the fuel and instead of calling someone who could help her, she made her second mistake of reporting a theft to the police.

It was quite a weekend. Hopefully this week won't be as exciting!

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