Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ok, you will have to watch Go Diego Go on Nick Jr. to understand where I am coming from. For those of you who don't live with a 1 year old that controls the tv, I'll explain...

Every kid's show has someone who causes problems. In Dora it's Swipper and in the spin off, Go Diego Go, the troublemakers are the Bo Bo Brothers. These "silly monkeys are always cause problems" Diego states every episode. But here's what I want to know... why does Diego rule the forest?

Think about it this way; these two monkeys are doing their thing. They might be playing on a branch or jumping on a bridge. I don't know if these are normal things for monkey to do in the jungle but who knows! They are just having fun.

Then along comes Diego. He's out saving some poor animal in trouble. It could be a sloth on a tree that is ready to fall over, or a butterfly that's trapped in a cave. Whatever it is, the Bo Bo's seem to be there, playing and causing problems. So Diego comes along and yells at these poor monkeys and tells them to STOP!

What makes this kid King of the Jungle. I say, if the Bo Bos want to jump on a bridge, then they should be able to jump on a bridge. Diego should find another way to save the animal in trouble. I think I'm correct in saying that monkeys are suppose to be in the jungle. Little boys, not so much.

The Bo Bos need to stand up for themselves. Tell that snot nosed brat to mind his own business. Just because they are monekys, it doesn't mean that can't have fun too.


** Ok, so I'm not crazy, I'm just a mother. When you spend your mornings with Diego and Dora it's hard to not get involved in their world.

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