Thursday, April 27, 2006

"A Baby Story"

I've been watching "A Baby Story" on TLC for the past few weeks. This show is definitely a "chick" show. Most men don't even want to watch their own wife give birth, let alone someone else's. All the yelling and screaming must make them feel guilty or something.

I'm not really sure why I like the show. Labor is not fun. My mother-in-law always says you forget. Well it's been 20 months, and I still can't forget. I know it hurts. Even with drugs. I had drugs. I'm not crazy (well I wasn't then) and I'm not a martyr. I took the drugs. I would have taken more if they offered.

I like watching the before video of the mothers on this show. Before the pain starts, before they are tired, before they just want it over with. The ones who want to go "natural" try to make themselves out as so tough. Some of them are, and I have to hand it to them. If you can do it, more power to you. I'm not willing to find out. The mothers who want to have a "natural" birth are great. So clueless... I usually laugh out loud when they've been in labor for 24 1/2 hours and nothing is happening. Then they give up, get the drugs and the baby is born 2 hours later. Had they just been wimps like the rest of us, they would have had the baby, ate lunch and been asleep.

The deliveries that make me angry are the ones where the mother pushes 3 times and the baby is born. Wow, that is not how my first delivery was. I so want to do that. I don't want any help, I just want to push the baby out! (I'm not pregnant so don't get excited.) I even yelled at the tv yesterday, "I WANT TO DO THAT!"

I do know that the next time I'm pregnant and ready to give birth, we are going to just wait. Wait until the baby is ready. Waiting is the worst part... well aside from the cramping, pain and back labor. Oh pregnancy is fun!

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