Friday, July 18, 2008

Farmer Landon

Mike spent about 12 days harvesting with a friend of ours. He invited me and the kids out to ride the tractor with him last Friday. Landon thought it was the coolest thing ever. Reese and I went home after about an hour, but he wanted to stay. I picked him up about 7 pm that night, against his will. Mike promised he could go out again the next night.
So I took him back out the next day around 6, so that he could see the combines in the dark. He called them Frank because of the Cars movie. In the movie Frank has his lights on because it's night so he really wanted to see Frank in the dark.
He couldn't get enough. Mike is planning on taking him to Venango so he can ride with Grandpa Dude.
I guess he also had a great time with the radio. He'd call the combine and say, "Hi Jennifer. I'm in the tractor." She'd respond back, "Hi Landon. I'm in the combine." This went on and on according to Jennifer. LOL. What a crazy kid.

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