Sunday, February 10, 2008

Uncle Jeff

Jenny and Jeff came home this weekend to watch a game and hang out with the family. Landon was too excited to see "uncle" Jeff. I've never heard him call Jeff that before and it made me laugh. He loves Jeff, more than Jeff wants him to I think.
I told Jeff he was talking smack about beating him at Mario and Tario, so of course he had to take up the challenge. I don't know who won, but I have a feeling it wasn't Landon.
When they were getting ready to leave, he wanted to go with them. Boy wouldn't that be interesting. Five seconds in the car and they would have brought him back.

Uncle Jeff is now Landon's best friend. Mike describes it like a dog. Dogs know when people don't like them and they always pick that person to latch on to. Landon knows Jeff is a little scared of him, but it doesn't stop him. I'm sure he'll be happy when they come home again. I know I will.

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The Hagan Clan said...

Hello Tines, i was going threw some peoples blogs and found this lil man blog and the lil princess cool...Boy i can believe how big Landon getting!!! I miss seeing you guys, we do miss leaving on Tate st.