Sunday, January 13, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Landon started swimming lessons Saturday morning. I wasn't really worried about him having fun, I knew that would happen. I was more worried about him paying attention and doing what the teacher wanted. I guess he did fine. Or that's what they told me.

He was so excited. When we were waiting to go in, he could barely stand still. When it was finally his turn, I had to hold him to keep him out of the pool. And when it was over, he was the last one out. I'd say he liked it.

He said they played tag and blew bubbles. Sounds about right.

Oh, and he asked to go back later that night. Sorry kid, you have to wait a week. At least he wants to go back.

Next lessons I'm going to try to get the ones during the week. Then he can go more than once a week. I'm glad we found something for him to do that he enjoys.

He was so tired and hungry when it was over. He ate 4 chicken nuggets without complaining. Oh and took a nap because he wanted to.

Do they offer lessons everyday?

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