Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Carnival Fun!

I tried to add these once before, and it didn't work. So here's try #2.

The bank had their anniversary party last weekend. It was amazing. They had free food, games, prizes, entertainment, rides... it was great!

Landon fishing for a prize!

Jumping in the "jumpy thing."
He had a blast in there. The lady running it said he was "tough."

Riding one of the rides. I could not get him out of this. He rode FOREVER!

I told him to show me his prize. There it is! LOL.

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Dave Ja Vu said...

We were there too, Lisa. We didn't see you though. I found your blog through Brooke's blog and I have to say your kids are sooooo cute! Our blog address is www.vrbi.blogspot.com

Check it out! And tell Mike hello from the GI Vrbi...