Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PE Class

Landon and I went to school today for one of Mike's PE classes. Landon got right out there, with a basketball and stood in the middle of the gym with the rest of the class. Well, the class got in trouble, and Mike yelled, "Chin it." Which mean grab your ball and hold it to your chin. (Easy, right!) Well Landon dropped his ball when Mike yelled, and he had to chase it down. When he finally got it, he did "chin it." Then he stood there and looked at Mike, along with the rest of the kids. They all looked so funny, with their mouths and eyes so wide open! Mike said, get in the square, and a few of the kids did a sideways shuffle to get there, Landon included. He just looked so funny. Like he really thought he was part of the class.
After class, they had to run a lap for every year of their age. Well Landon ran about 7, which was great because he really got wore out for his afternoon nap. BTW, he slept for 3 hours today!! Worked great for me.

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